Only a few more days to go…

Cheral Christy headstone moved

We safely made it to Utah, and are currently ensconced in the 10th hotel since closing on our home three weeks ago. We entered Utah during the high heat wave that has hit the southwest part of the country. While we were in Moab it was 107, and yesterday it was 102 in Alpine, Utah, where Larry’s mother and brother live, which is up a canyon.

While we were in Richfield, Utah, visiting Elaine’s parents, we were able to make arrangements for our twin daughters headstone to be moved. Thirty-five years ago it was laid at the base of a small tree. Now that is a very large tree, and the roots have pushed the headstone out of level. We had requested it to be rotated and leveled last year when our niece was buried, but permission from the city was holding it back. We called the city and spoke with the administrator, who brought the cemetery supervisor over within minutes. They agreed that the headstone could be moved and the mortuary did it that afternoon, allowing us to take a picture before we continued on our trip. We are very grateful to their prompt attentions!

Larry’s mom has just moved to an assisted living center, and while moving her belongings, Larry’s sister found several boxes of family pictures and mementos. None of the local children had seen most of the pictures, so we borrowed a scanner and made digital copies of hundreds of pictures. Some of the treasures found in the boxes was the original mission call to Larry’s grandfather Ballard, signed by Heber J. Grant. We also found his mission release certificate, his high school graduation, and various news articles about members of the family who won awards or honors. These are a true treasure, and we will be sharing them with family members and uploading ancestral pictures to Family Search.


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