Provo City Center Temple under construction


Under construction

While we were in Provo, Utah, we saw the new Provo City Center Temple that is under construction. It was the originally the Tabernacle; after a theatrical production on the grounds one of the big lights was left on accidentally and started a fire. It only burned some of the outside, but it was decided to renovate and make it a temple.  There is already a Provo Temple but it will probably be undergoing extensive renovation (like the Ogden Temple has) and will be closed for quite some time.

The four conical spires were taken off and are on the grounds behind the building. They jacked up the entire building, excavated out a huge area, and have built a basement level underneath. This is where the baptismal font will be. Perhaps the other excavated area (after construction) may be a parking garage?


Plan for completion


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