Busy, busy, busy, busy…

Well, we finally have all the furniture and kitchen items stocked for the new set of Elders who arrived on Wednesday last week. Then on Wednesday we drove one of the sister missionaries to Staines to pick up her new companion. We dropped her off, helped with lunch, then drove a set of elders to Hastings, which is on the coast. During lunch we met Elder Franks, and during our conversation we learned that he is from Perry Utah! That is where some of Elder Young’s family is from.

With a new pair of missionaries near us in Bromley, we were split into our own mission district and met for the first time as a group yesterday. The six of us were joined by the zoneleaders (who used to be in our district before the split) and they played a little trick on Elder Kopischke, who is from Germany. The closing prayer was America the Beautiful — since the rest of us were all Americans! That actually is pretty unusual, the missionaries tell us that they are often the only American in their district.  Other than one fall each, and many bruises and scrapes from assembling furniture from IKEA, we are doing very well. The weather continues to be absolutely beautiful.

Although we missed the sealing of two of our young single adults (time change we were not notified of), we were able to attend the baptism of another who will be marrying in two weeks. The baptism was held in Tunbridge-Wells, so we got to go to another new place. While at the baptism, we were asked by a member to be the speakers at the LDS Business Forum in February. This is a very large group of UK business men and employees who meet monthly for a luncheon and speaker. We will have to choose our own topic that spans business and gospel topics. Should be interesting to see what we end up talking about! At least we have some time to decide.

We want to wish two family members happy birthday this week — daughter Wendy and granddaughter Piper. We love you all!


2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy, busy…

  1. I love reading about your adventures!

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