They say CES means “cooking every second”

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One of the challenges here has been cooking Wednesday night dinner for the young single adults. In fact, at the MTC they teased that CES means “cooking every second” but it really stands for Church Educational System, which is the assignment we are filling for these two years. After learning to cook with a convection oven calibrated in Celsius, and finding the English version of familiar ingredients (no Crisco or chocolate chips for example), I think I am figuring it all out. We have served beef pie, chicken enchiladas, Hawaiian haystacks, a potato bar (known as “jackets” here), and brownies, cookies and Rice Krispie treats for dessert. This week we had some old bananas, so I thought banana bread would be good for dessert. The first batch wasn’t bad, but we ate some and took some to a barbecue at a friend’s house last Monday (a “bank holiday” here). So I made another batch… crumbly on top and gooey on bottom. I had bought some zucchini (called “courgettes” here) so I thought I would make zucchini bread. I had not done this before but thought it would be very similar to banana bread. Short loaves that just crumbled… so I thought we could serve banana and zucchini crumble with custard on top. We had eaten custard on a raspberry crumble at a member’s home, and there was a can of custard powder left from the previous tenant. So we did a test run… and it was runny like soup. It should be creamy like pudding but warm and smooth to pour. Tried another batch with less milk… still runny but it tasted good! Just not good enough to serve in public! So we just had crumbly zucchini bread for dessert and I told them that it must have happened because the lesson that night was on adversity and oh how I had had a trial cooking that day!

So here is a picture of tacos that Elder Young cooked the next night — his first full meal to cook by the way. Since we were both in dressy clothes he wore the apron. Notice his tongue since he is concentrating… It tasted wonderful and we have had leftovers from it also. Next week we are going to make a chicken rice meal in the slow cooker. We traded slow cookers (read “crock pot”) with the sister missionaries in Selsdon. They had a giant one (and didn’t even know what it was — it was just taking up counter space) and we had a little one. When making meals for 25 you need a big one! So we traded and I told them how to use it. We will have to check later to see if they have tried it. Now the only problem is when we make a roast for just us two on Sundays, it looks mighty lonely there in the bottom of the huge slow cooker! We may have to buy a little one for just our meals.



2 thoughts on “They say CES means “cooking every second”

  1. We laughed at your post. I was going to respond to your last post that CES has the nickname of Cooking Every Second, but you had already heard it!. Sorry the cooking has been frustrating. I guess you can buy tortillas if you made chicken enchiladas. We had an opening social for Institute this week both in Corpus and in Kingsville and we did a baked potato bar and salad bar with homemade rolls and an ice cream bar for dessert. It was a big hit, but there was a lot of prep that went into it. We love Elder Young’s apron. We’re winding down and will be on our way home September 16. We love your posts, the Petersens

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  2. Just found out about your blog–what a cool missionary experience–excited to hear all about it. đŸ™‚

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