Mama Mia! We saw the ocean!

We finally found a free day to go into London to see a play. We took the train for the first time and it was a pleasant, if warm, 20-minute trip. We walked around the West End theatre district, eating lunch in a nice park. It was a beautiful sunny day. We then found a museum which was a home of an architect who collected real or cast architectural objects. The home was filled with Roman, Greek, and other art pieces that were hung up and down the walls. It was so interesting — and free! We will definitely go back. We were also told about a museum at the Royal Surgery. We did a quick walk-through but there was so much we will have to do it on another trip. We only took a quick look at the bottom floor, which had hundreds of specimen bottles. It was the national collection of artifacts and included lots of animal fetuses, dissected body parts, tumors that had been removed, and skeletons of people with bone diseases. I know this sounds awful but it was very interesting! Basically it was things that doctors could study to learn more about animal and human bodies.


A home with an amazing architectural collection


A bakery in London — these are meringues, which were about 8 inches across


A mathematically-interesting 2nd floor connection between two buildings

Then it was time to see Mama Mia! It was a great musical — the singing and acting were phenomenal, far above what we are used to in the community plays. Afterwards we walked around and found ourselves in Covent Garden where there were tons of food booths. We chose Polish chicken skewers for dinner. We headed back by train and got home before dark. This type of trip to see a matinee will work well.



West End theatre


Covent Gardens food booths


We made our first visit to the ocean this week. On Sunday we traveled to Hastings which is a coastal town. You can see the beach (which is all rocks) and the cliffs. We spoke in the Hastings Ward and then taught the YSA Sunday School class. We then took the sisters home to make a flat inspection. They have a big beautiful flat on the 3rd floor with a small balcony which faces the ocean and a stunning view. We then drove their version of Ocean Drive and took pictures before driving home. Along the way we made extensive notes of places to visit on our next trips, as we will be doing flat inspections each month. Next time we will bring one of the other (car-less) senior couples and have a “holiday”.


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