Buckingham Palace


Our very first senior missionary outing was lunch and a tour of Buckingham Palace. It was a chilly and rainy day — here most of us are posing for a picture in front of a giant vent giving out warm air. There were so many people waiting to tour the palace. It is only open for two months in the summer, and they run tours every 15 minutes. You each got a headset that played an explanation of each room. It was interesting to see the differences from the castles and palaces we have seen in other countries. Probably the best part was some of the ceilings which were very ornately and symbolically decorated. At least we didn’t get thoroughly drenched, it only sprinkled all day. We feel like we have the train system into London figured out, too.

Tomorrow we have the opening social for Institute which begins the next Wednesday. We are putting on a Mexican fiesta in a very simple way. Elaine made papel picado to hang up, we are eating chili con carne and then busting a pinata. The part we are most looking forward to is the skits. We will give each group a bag of four disparate items, and a theme sentence (like “are there tigers in the jungle?”) and they have to come up with a 3-minute skit using all four items and their phrase. We have done this before with youth, and we think there will be some very creative ideas.


One thought on “Buckingham Palace

  1. sounds like a fun fiesta! too bad salsa is hard to ship… i have enough to feed your group 10 times over & more to come today! we hung out around Buckingham Palace-but didnt go inside… we did visit Windsor Palace & enjoyed the changing of the guard & marching band (which played songs by the band “Queen” haha)

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