Medical, Mission and Movember!

So has anyone seen the new Thor movie? We understand that at one point when they are trying to figure out where all roads converge, they look at a map of England to find Greenwich. And right there on the map in large letters is ORPINGTON. That is where we are living and working! Who knew we would be a part of a Thor movie!

Well we have been going around the merry-go-round on medical matters. When we came out on our mission in August, all senior missionaries in England were to register and use the National Health System (NHS). We duly signed up, met with a nice doctor and gave him our medical history and prescription lists. Since Elder Young is over 60 his prescriptions are free, but Sister Young has to pay about $10 for each of her monthly meds. Then starting 1 October 2013, we were instructed to come off NHS so the Church would not be perceived as sponging off the English people. So we looked at all our options — try to see an in-network doctor for our military insurance (we have Tricare Overseas) and pay the deductible and co-payments , or a private doctor which would be pay first and get reimbursed the allowable. The only in-network doctors are on the other side of London, out of the mission and probably a two-hour trip away. That would require permission from our area authority EACH time we went to the doctor. So we pursued a private doctor, still about an hour away but he was wonderful, spending two hours with us and only charging about $600. When we called Tricare Overseas to ask the best way to submit our requests for reimbursement, the lady told us that Tricare has a reciprocal agreement with NHS for military members here. Too bad they didn’t tell us that the first time we called! So we are back to the local doctor at our “surgery” [clinic] and prescriptions at the local “chemist” [pharmacy].

We have been visiting with members in our ward to get to know them better, especially those who may be lonely or isolated. Last week we went to see a sister and her two dogs and a cat. She asked us if we had ever lived in England before and Larry explained he had come here on his mission. She asked which mission, then what years… turns out she was a sister missionary at the same time! They reminisced about the sister district, the contest the sisters won, and a boat ride that was extra special for fun. We came home and looked up his pictures from the boat trip, trying to figure out which sister she was. We will take the pictures when we visit again, and see her pictures of him on the boat ride. It is a very small world!

Well it is Movember and some of our young single adults are growing mustaches in support of men’s health issues. One of our district sisters picked up a variety of stick-on mustaches for us to play around with after district meeting. Here is our handsome group. Notice the elders are wearing their African shirts as vests; they were given them by a family in the ward. They have permission to wear them during district meetings. I think most of the mustaches match pretty good except Elder Young’s — he doesn’t have enough gray hair to sport this English mustache!



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