Dummy or Stopper?

So ready for another Britism? (British words or things that are interesting). Many babies here have the traditional “plug” in their mouth, but they call them dummies or stoppers. I explained to some young moms that “dummy” is taboo in America and we would never say that to a child. It doesn’t mean “idiot” here, and they don’t use it as a bad word commenting on someone’s ability to do something. I thought maybe they called them dummies because they make the child dumb as in no voice. But parents had not thought of it that way. As for stoppers, I can only imagine that it stops them from making noise? It is a mystery.

We have had an eventful week. Saturday was Sister Young’s birthday, as well as three other adults in the ward. One of them was being baptized (with her son) on her birthday and we were able to share some of that. We took the train into London to see Lion King on the stage. It was amazing, the costumes and especially the body language to make you see the animals instead of the humans was brilliant (that is a common word here to mean fantabulous). Our favorite was the lady that was the panther, she put so much grace and power into walking the body puppet across the stage. In between parts of the story there was dancing and singing with colorful silk costumes and African musical language. Rafikki, the monkey/narrator, sang incredible songs in Shosa (we asked some sisters in the ward about the language) from South Africa, incorporating many clicks of the tongue. As we came out of the theatre, it started hailing hard for just one minute. The children were trying to catch the hail, it isn’t very common here. It has been very cold this last weekend as an artic cold front moved through. We should warm back up to the 60-70’s again at the end of this week. We had dinner at Byron’s Proper Hamburgers, which was not as expensive as many of the downtown London eateries in the area. They do know how to make fantastic french fries here, some say that the lard they fry them in adds a better flavor than the oil in America. All we know is we can eat them forever.

Lion King Tour

lion king 2

Sunday was our ward conference and just happened to be the day they also put in a new bishop. It was very well attended, probably for the bishop question rather than the conference part. We had a “munch and mingle” afterwards to welcome the new bishop, the two newly baptized members, and say goodbye to the old bishop and he family who are moving to New York (he works for American Express). As we left after the mingle, we saw our first hedgehog (yes, a wild one!) on the back lawn (garden) near the parking lot.


Sunday night we invited two young marrieds who “graduated” from YSA this year over for dinner (ham, sweet potatoes and mixed veggies) and afterwards we played a mean game of Carcassonne. They really enjoyed it and took pictures of the box with their iPhones so they could tell their families about it. One of the husbands won the game.

game night

The last thing this time is a plea for more senior couples to serve missions. We are losing 5 couples in the next 6 weeks and only have one couple coming. Our mission president wants us to spread the word: ” I would ask all of you to inquire through your contacts, ward, and friends if there are any couple that would like to serve in England London South Mission. If they are interested, have them email or call me: rogerclive.millar@ldschurch.org1-435-767 0203. In talking with the missionary department in SLC, the number of applicants is drastically down at this time and they are not filling all the requests that are presented to them. They will help direct couples to us if they put in a preference and we also request them.  Thanks for your help and attention to this matter of great urgency.”

We encourage you to consider serving if you are at a place in your lives to give one or two years to the Lord. We are so enjoying our mission, and would love to see you join us here in London if you are interested. We are serving a YSA mission but there is also a need for MLS, temple, Visitor’s Centre, and office positions. Come and see London!



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