Scotney, Sedlescombe, and Sisters

We were able to visit Scotney Castle on a recent trip to Hastings to attend an open house for one of our young single adults who is leaving on a mission this month. We tracked several places to visit on the way to the afternoon affair.

scotney castle
Scotney Castle is really two houses, the new one built by Anthony Salvin in 1837 for the Hussey family. This architect was the one who picturesquely ruined the original medieval castle and moat. It is a shame that he did so, but have to agree that he did it beautifully!

Scotney ruins

The first picture is the old house; some of the ruined part is shown in the second picture above. Below is the Hussey home.Scotney Castle

Another part of the trip was to visit six little towns or villages of our ancestors in Sussex County. We drove through them all, stopped at most of the parish churches, and scrounged around some of the grave yards. This time we were successful finding a few tombstones with family names in Sedlescombe. We took pictures and have uploaded those pictures onto

We continue to visit the six wards in the stake, meeting with our YSA and encouraging them to attend Institute. I have been trying some new recipes for the dinner, and some have become favorites (chicken enchiladas) and some are confusing (clam chowder — Sister Young, we call this creamy soup!). We have a fall social coming up to start the new course (Doctrine and Covenants) and we are planning to serve Cafe Rio… not that our YSA have ever heard of it, but the missionaries think it is the best. Sister Young learned how to make shredded chicken for a missionary moves and was shocked how easy it was! She will also try a new recipe for Nutella cheesecake that night. Wish her luck!